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March 25, 2024 | Willamette Valley Vineyards

Women in Wine: Meet Alexis, Willamette’s Enologist

Winemaking is a science and an art. That unusual combination led Willamette’s Enologist Alexis Doyle Langer to pursue a career in winemaking.  

“What is fascinating about winemaking is that you let the analysis guide you, but you still rely on sensory input to make decisions,” Alexis said. “I can make a wine analytically perfect, but if the consumers don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. It’s a science and an art at the same time.”

Alexis is one of Willamette’s many women working in wine. March 25th, National Women in Wine Day, is a time to acknowledge Alexis and all of the incredible women who make up our winery’s busy staff.

Learning the ropes

Alexis dreamed of being a distiller in Scotland. She attended Oregon State University to study food science and, through that program, ended up working in the wine lab. At that point, she fell in love with the art and science of winemaking.


Alexis Doyle Langer, Willamette's Enologist

While in school, she worked at Bluebird Hill Cellar in Monroe and helped with everything from vineyard management to cellar work to the tasting room.

“It was a good opportunity to see all sides of the winemaking process,” Alexis said.

Following graduation, she worked a harvest in California and returned to Oregon, where she took a job as a lab technician at Willamette.

Alexis quickly moved up in the company and became lab manager and later our enologist.

“I was tenacious and saw where there were needs and filled them,” she said. “I really grew into the position.”

A year into her work as our enologist, Alexis is excited about what each day brings.

“Winemaking is tough work,” she said. “But I still wake up excited to do my job. I’m very passionate about wine, educating others and furthering my understanding. I like that there are new challenges every day.”  

Alexis started at Willamette as a lab technician and quickly worked her way through the ranks.

Supporting each other

Alexis said she was fortunate enough to have many women who helped her achieve her goals.

It started with her mom. Alexis said her mom encouraged her to be hardworking, driven and passionate and taught her that success meant trying your best. These qualities helped her quickly climb the ranks at Willamette.

Through Oregon nonprofit Women in Wine, Alexis met Emily Terrell, Associate Winemaker at Brittan Vineyards. Emily became a mentor to her. Having a fellow woman winemaker show her the ropes inspired Alexis and helped her gain a better understanding of the wine industry.

Now, it’s her turn to be a mentor to others.

“I’m in a position where I get to help foster those relationships, open doors for women and guide them in the wine industry,” she said.

Lifting other women up is something Alexis believes is an essential part of being a woman in wine. She said encouraging and supporting other women, especially helping them overcome self-doubt, is crucial.

“Building that diversity and understanding where people are coming from will advance winemaking for future generations,” she said.

About Willamette’s Women in Wine

At Willamette Valley Vineyards, we celebrate and support women in the wine industry to inspire change. Roughly 58.2% of our staff and 56% of our leadership team are composed of passionate women dedicated to shaping the Oregon wine industry. Willamette's female staff is also some of its most tenured; 44% of our employees with 5 or more years at the company are women.

This year, celebrate National Women in Wine Day by enjoying a limited collection curated by some of our female leaders, including Alexis.

Willamette's Women in Wine


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