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Stock Ownership

Dividend to Wine Credit 
Frequently Asked Questions

As a Preferred Stock Winery Owner, you are expected to earn a dividend to be paid at the end of each calendar year. You may receive either a dividend check or select a Wine Credit. If you select a Wine Credit, you will receive an additional 15% credit on top of your dividend amount. Below you will find a list of questions and answers to help you make the decision. 

Questions and Answers

I want to switch from receiving a dividend to receiving Wine Credit. When is the deadline I need to inform you by?
No later than 5 pm on Tuesday, December 5th.

What happens if I forget to let you know by December 5th? 
We will automatically issue you a dividend wine credit. Under special circumstances, if you would like to receive a check, please contact our Ownership Services team directly at

Can I receive both a dividend check and Wine Credit? 
Your dividend is based on the accounts held. If you have securities held under two accounts you may elect to take one dividend check and one Wine Credit (please email or call the winery at (503) 588-9463 to verify your selections). If you have one account, you must choose one or the other.

If I choose Wine Credit, will I get a check at all?
Once you select Wine Credit, you will not receive a check.

What if I spend some of my Wine Credit, but now want a check?
As soon as you begin to spend your Wine Credit, we cannot issue you a check for partial payment.

Does my Wine Credit expire?
Absolutely not! Once you select Wine Credit, it will stay in your account until you are ready to use it by phone, on our website or in one of our tasting rooms.

What can I purchase with my Wine Credit?
Anything at Willamette Valley Vineyards, Domaine WillametteMaison Bleue or Willamette Wineworks. Feel free to use your Wine Credit to purchase wine, food pairings from our menu, admission to winery events or dinners, merchandise or holiday gifts. 

Do I get an additional 15% off with Wine Credit?
Not exactly. If you choose Wine Credit, we will add 15% on top of your dividend amount. For example, if your dividend was $100, your Wine Credit total will become $115, but only if you opt to take a Wine Credit.

If I select dividend check, when will I receive it?
If you choose a dividend, the check will be mailed in early January 2024. If you do not receive a check by March 1st, 2024, please contact us. Please note, it will be attached to your 1099!

Will I still receive a 1099-DIV if I elect for wine credit?
Yes, you will still receive a 1099-DIV from our transfer agent in January of 2024 for the initial dividend amount, not including the 15% value increase. For example, if you receive $115 in wine credit, you will receive a 1099-DIV for $100.

What if my account is with a broker?
You are not eligible to convert your dividend into a Wine Credit. Your brokerage will deposit the dividend directly into your account. For assistance, inaccuracies or delays, please contact them directly.

I just purchased shares of Preferred Stock this year, do I get a Wine Credit in 2023?
No. Your shares of Preferred Stock will be issued on, or just prior to December 31, 2023 and dividends for those shares begin accruing on January 1, 2024. You will have access to your Wine Credit in the fall of 2024. However, you may enjoy all your Ownership benefits upon acceptance of your subscription agreement.

Can I reinvest my dividend?
Reinvestment of your dividend in other stock, Preferred or Common, is not an available option. However, you can always take your dividend and buy WVVI or WVVIP stock through your broker.

How do I use my Wine Credit online?
Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit and log in using your email adress.
  2. Select desired wines and add to cart. Select "Checkout" in top right corner of your screen.
  3. Fill in Delivery Information and Shipping Options. 
  4. Under payment, select "Gift Card," enter your gift card number and click "Apply."
  5. Review your order, then click "Place Order."
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