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Riedel XL "Oregon Pinot Noir" Glasses - 2 pack
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Enjoy two Riedel Vinum XL "Oregon Pinot Noir" wine glasses in this package — perfect for our classic Willamette Valley Pinot Noirs. This set may be shipped on its own or with 1 or 2 bottles of wine. Glasses include an elegant frosted Willamette Valley Vineyards logo on the foot of each glass as well as a small 5-ounce pour mark on the bowl.

Our Connection
Georg Riedel, the 10th-generation Owner of Riedel (a glass manufacturer established in 1756), invited select Oregon winemakers to be involved in the design of a new glass that would best highlight the delicate aromas and flavors of Oregon Pinot Noir. Our Founder Jim Bernau was among the winemakers invited, and they worked together with Georg to create an elegant tulip shape that featured a wide bowl, perfect for exposing the wine to oxygen to allow it to open, along with a narrow rim to focus and preserve the aroma esters to the nose. The debut of the glass took place at Willamette Valley Vineyards, featuring a glassware seminar led by Georg. Other wine-producing regions immediately began requesting that Georg develop a glass specific to their region. This led Georg to change the name of the wine glass from Oregon Pinot Glass to Vinum XL, to not show any favoritism to Oregon. We take it as a great compliment that he contributed his time and expertise to allow our wines to show their best qualities, and therefore use this glass exclusively for our Pinot Noir at the winery.

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